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happy new year to all.

i have had an excellent holiday season, starting with the arrival of my littlest sister on the 19th. She is studying abroad in Milan this year, so naturally i insisted she spend christmas with us. there was a great deal of baking cookies and playing boardgames for the next few days, and we all went down to my in-laws on the 23rd.

christmas and the days surrounding were lovely - fine food and many presents exchanged (in-laws, who are all-around great folks, have a habit of spoiling us terribly). and board games played some more.

we came back to egham on the 28th, and i fulfilled my promise to take my sister to afternoon tea (her, [ profile] urizen and i went to the windsor castle hotel and stuffed ourselves silly with cakes, sandwiches and scones). she flew off to amsterdam the next day to meet up with her boyfriend (who was flying over from the US), and we were sad to see her go, for she is great fun to have around. it was an excellent visit, and the 10 days flew by, despite any foolish ideas about how long house guests are supposed to be enjoyable for.

we did have other entertainment planned, as that afternoon was a session of [ profile] nemy's Dark Heresy game. there was a fair amount of attempting to beat back horrors, with ultimate success, but we lost one of our red-shirts (hired mercenaries) in the process, and one party member had to burn a fate point to avoid losing an arm and bleeding to death. i discovered the joys of the psychic power 'force bolt' hampered somewhat by the wretched damage rolls (which everyone seemed to suffer from). afterward we had a character gen session for the new year's eve Spirit of the Century game.

quiet day on Tuesday - did some shopping and pottering about, likewise wednesday morning, though i managed to drag myself to the pool in the afternoon to get some minimal level of exercise.

then in the evening was a fabulously silly and pulpy Spirit of the Century game. for many years now i have joined a small group of folks to role-play on new year's eve, as an alternative to partying. there was much cheese, and snacks and some amount of drinking, all whilst raining about foiling dastardly plans by Huns and other evil geniuses. i played an Amazonian princess with a magic spear and a pet pterodactyl. other party members included a blunt American flying ace, a reformed Chinese henchman (who retained a health distrust of imperialist western dogs), an action librarian and a mysterious gunslinger in black (who was never in the same place as that annoying dandy who kept hanging about...). it was altogether absurd and highly entertaining, and i think [ profile] urizen did an excellent job in keeping up the mood and pace.

have a few days off now, with no major plans - perhaps some gaming, certainly some vegging.

best wishes to all for the coming year.
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