Feb. 8th, 2010

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went to birmingham this weekend. was novel to go just to hang out, rather than for a party. we actually did tourist-like things!

[livejournal.com profile] urizen and i had Friday off (we both had some holiday to use up) so arrived around lunch time and went to Cadbury World - despite our friends living down the road, we've never actually managed to visit. so there was choclatey goodness, with some interesting bits about the history of Cadbury's and how chocolate is made (flow wrap machines are well impressive!), some cheesy bits like a jungle diaroma thing about the history of chocolate, and some truly strange bits like the ride which consisted of sitting in a car and looking at diaromas of cocoa beans having parties and skiing and such.

and, of course, purchase of large quanties of cheap-ish chocolate. omnomnom.

Saturday we went to a wildlife refuge (2 whole tourist things in one weekend!) which, in addition to having expected things like sheep and goats, beavers and bunnies, had more exotic things like lynxes and lemurs. highlights included otters who juggled stones, very fluffy lemurs and a red panda. yay red panda! sadly, no pictures as we did not anticipate going to the nature centre and left the camera in Egham. it was especially awesome because the small size meant the enclosures were right on the path, and you could easily be standing a foot or so away from cute a fuzzy animals. which made me squee.

went clubbing in the evening, which we haven't done in ages - it was much more fun than i expected, and mde me want to go clubbing in London more. then i remembered how the last train runs at 11:30 and there's no way to get home before 6-ish. and that's why clubbing only worked when we crashed at [livejournal.com profile] satyrica and [livejournal.com profile] cryx's place.

sunday was very lazy; pootled home and watch District 9 in the evening, which was most excellent.


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